Enfield Road update

Too many people think that Fairview’s withdrawal from the proposed development means that the fields on Enfield Road are safe. That is unfortunately far from the truth because the fields are still very much under threat and these are the reasons why:

  • Wren Enfield Academy is still focusing all its efforts on these fields being its primary site for their new school and continues to state that the land is available for development. We are very concerned that the Government’s Education Funding Agency (which is responsible for finding a site) will purchase this land.
  • Enfield Council’s Green Belt Boundary review will start very soon and we are sure that some sites will be targeted to take away their Green Belt ‘protected’ status, including the Enfield Road fields.
  • Fairview has categorically denied Enfieldroadwatch access to the fields for independent ecological and other surveys.
  • The London Diocesan Board for Schools continues to show disregard for the impact of the proposed new school on the community.

Highlands Ward Councillors are committed to working with residents to preserve the Green Belt in Enfield. Enfield is known as then greenest Borough in London and we would urge all residents to make their views known to the Council.