Another example of Labour's housing failure in Enfield:

  • Sites vacant for years

  • Others still not finished

  • Young people robbed of the

  • €chance of an affordable home

  • Taxpayers' money lost on the projects


unfinishe site

Enfield Council's small housing sites project continues to be a fiasco. Sites have been left vacant for years and others unfinished despite the housing shortage. The reason given for the delays is that a sub-contractor went into liquidation but this does not excuse years of inactivity on these sites.

unfinish housing

The sites at Forty Hill, Blossom Lane and Holtwhites Hill have been left vacant for years and the sites on Jasper Close and Parsonage Lane remain unfinished. These projects were started by the Conservatives before the change in political control in 2001. Labour has had more than seven years to complete these housing schemes and yet many have not even been started.